Integration Management System

End-to-end workflow management

Site Survey

with Stickers
Map out each room/space and site with customisable forms that make sure you ask the right questions. Upload images and edit with the use of pre-populated stickers for instant visuals.

Scope of Works

PDF download
Create a scope of works PDF before integration works begin, with all products listed in the correct room along with site survey images. Upload company branding with option to upload front and back cover. Send sign off request to end-user for Timestamp before work commences (optional).

Prodcut Management

QR and Barcodes
Check-in your products via the barcode (Barcode API links to 260 million products online) to fetch product details. Print QR code and attach label to product. Scan QR to view testing, commissioning and product details, including warranty, product guides and tech specs (where available). End-users can also create helpdesk tickets.


Calendar Management
Create Gantt charts within the Project view. Ability to assign engineering resources and estimate installation times. Save time by auto-populating project details and locations, assign products and schedule items.


Scope of works Get customer sign-off before installation works. Option to include custom form to gather any info needed before arriving on-site, such as parking instructions, site contacts, etc. Final Sign-Off With all products installed and testing and commissioning completed you have the option to upload images/videos against each product for future reference. Collect testimonials, feedback on sign-off and time stamp Signature from the end-user.

Asset Management

Client Portal
A client portal that allows end-users and stakeholders to stay fully informed during all projects (past and present). A simple front-end asset map with filters for sites via a graphical interface (using Poly-coordinates and overlay images), so when you click on a location you can see all products/history of that location.

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Sirvez Features

Sirvez is packed full of features designed to save you time and money. Gone are the days of multiple site visits, hastily taken notes and missing inventory. Instead, auto-populated forms, QR codes and clear communication of tasks and deadlines mean a smoother project from start to finish for all stakeholders.


Create Gantt charts within the project view. Ability to assign engineering resources and estimated installation times. Auto populate project details, locations and assign products and schedule items.

Task Manager

Create tasks against projects / locations and set priority and deadlines. Add custom labels to tasks to establish which category or task it is and open up the task to comments from colleagues with the option of attaching files and images.


Upload vector stickers that you can use as overlay images within your project to replicate the new product / technology you are looking to install. Great for giving stakeholders and installers information on how the final product will look like when insitu.


Begin the snagging process using the data contained with the system to automate a lot of data entry points, with features including, image and document upload, commenting, assigning of snags, setting timescales and option to export all items to CSV or PDF.

Sign Off

2x separate sign-offs: scope of works ensures the client is happy before and final sign-off ensures the customer is happy with the end result. Create custom forms at each stage to collect pre and post data (i.e. parking instructions and testimonials on completion).

Form Builder

Add custom forms throughout the project flow, for example add custom site survey form to ensure all discovery questions are asked and standardise your approach across the team. Other forms include testing and commissioning of products.


Data pulled in from the Barcode API that currently holds over 250m products with option to add more details including Technical PDF or brochures. This data is visible when the end user scans the QR code.

Offline mode

Use the system on a mobile or tablet and you do not need any internet connection, allowing teams to work in remote locations. Add new projects, locations, products and tasks and when you go back into internet coverage the data will auto sync with the database.

Version Control

Add a link to the latest version of a document/schematic or spreadsheet using the version control panel. Track all changes, who made them and when the changes where made.

QR Codes

Add QR codes to inventory to enable, detailed lookup on all data contained in the system including: Testing and commissioning data, product PDFs and tracking data with the option of integrating a “add to help desk” button.

Product Tracking

Track exactly where your product is, where it has been and exactly who has interacted with it along its journey from the start, to the finish line. Great for audit and loss prevention purposes.


Standard JSON REST API, so you can push and pull data to Sirvez from other applications such as ERP, CRM and accountancy software. We can provide documentation of our API, and advice for integration.